L-Theanine Benefits

The L-Theanine Benefits are remarkable.L-Theanine Benefits

L-Theanine is an amino acid found in both green tea and black tea. Tea has been used in the eastern world for for almost 5000 years for vitality and medicine, having been discovered in China. Tea was imported into Europe only 400 years ago.

Studies show that L-Theanine promotes calm alertness. The body is relaxed, the mind is calmed, but no drowsiness occurs. In Japan L-Theanine is used for ADD & ADHD.

Another part of the body that responds positively to theanine is the liver. Research from Japan shows that theanine is a powerful antidote to the effects of alcohol. If theanine is given to mice before or after they drink alcohol, it significantly lowers blood levels of alcohol. It works by modulating alcohol chemistry.



Most people who take theanine take it in conjunction with coffee because the synergy between coffee and l-theanine has been shown to be effective in promoting attention, focus, and relaxation.

L-Theanine Benefits

To have therapeutic effects the best way to get the most of L-Theanine Benefits  Benefits is by supplementing. L-Theanine Benefits  supplement are biologically identical to the natural L-Theanine in the tea.

Research suggests that l-theanine may be helpful for the following applications:

  • improving learning performance, heightening mental acuity, and promoting concentration;
  • acting antagonistically against high doses of caffeine;
  • calming nervous agitation;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • diminishing symptoms of PMS

L-Theanine is safe and a great way to get off drugs. Depending on the dose, L-Theanine provides a relaxed focused state of mind for about 8 hours.



Side Effects of L-Theanine

There doesn’t seem to be any side effects that widespread with theanine. However, some users have reported headaches, dizziness, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

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