What is My Home Worth?

What Is My Home Worth in Today’s Market?

Receive a custom market evaluation for your home, including comparison homes that have recently sold and homes currently on the market.

If you are looking to sell, buy or just want to know what’s happening in the property market in your area, then John Castelli can help.

John Castelli is invaluable in helping you understand today’s value of your home or future home. John Castelli understands today’s local market conditions and even knows your neighborhood. That’s a real advantage in developing a realistic determination of the likely actual selling price of your home. John is well trained in producing what’s called a CMA (Competitive or Comparable Market(ing) Analysis) to help you determine the value of your home. Data shows quite clearly that when working with your local agent, you are more likely to determine a realistic selling price given your specific timeframe requirements for a completed sale. Remember, at the end of the day, the real value of a home is only known when the deal is closed.

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What is My Home Worth?



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